Gagnière, J. et al. Gut microbiota imbalance and colorectal cancer. World J. Gastroenterol.22, 501–518 (2016).
     This 2016 review paper investigated the body of research investigating human gut microbiome imbalances and it's related to colorectal cancer (CRC). The paper...
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Obata, Y., Furusawa, Y. & Hase, K. Epigenetic modifications of the immune system in health and disease. Immunol Cell Biol 93, 226–232 (2015).

This review paper details the effects that epigenetic modifications have on overall human health. The paper talk about...
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My Work (In Reverse Chronological Order)

One Health, GPAWSS and Machine Learning Integration

While I was at the US Army Public Health Center, working as a Epidemiologist, I gave two presentations detailing the data processing and limitations for companion animal surveillance within the Department of Defense. GPAWSS is a surveillance platform designed to provide surveillance...

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Dissertation Defense is upcoming!

I will be defending my dissertation titled:

Investigating Spatial Dynamics of Zoonoses between Animal and Human Populations: a One-Health Perspective 

(See Below)

Epi Presentation Announcement Poster-Waugh_4

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120 Episodes, 120 Papers

In preparation of my upcoming Preliminaries and Written Area Exams, I need to will myself to read as much as I can. The task, however, is long, arduous and pretty boring.

So to motivate myself to overcome this hurdle, I will incorporate something that I love and something that I’m...

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About me

Welcome to my Professional Site!

I am a newly minted PhD in the Department of Epidemiology, located at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, FL. I currently work for Dr. Jason Blackburn’s  Spatial Epidemiology & Ecology Research Laboratory (SEER Lab). An interdisciplinary laboratory jointly housed in the Emerging Pathogens Institute and...

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(In Chronological Order)

Wijayabahu, A.T., Waugh, S., Ukhanova, M. and Mai, V., 2019. Dietary raisin intake has limited effect on gut microbiota composition in adult volunteers. Nutrition journal, 18(1), p.14. PMID: 30845997

Tagliamonte, M. S., Waugh, S., Prosperi, M., & Mai, V. (2019, September). An Integrated Approach for Efficient Multi-Omics...

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Current Research

My current primary research goal, at the University of Florida, is to develop and/or improve the accuracy of spatial public health databases in semi-developing and/or developed countries, through the integration of other large heterogeneous datasets. This will be done by creating health modeling programs and subroutines that will collect, compile...

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The connections between diseases and illnesses and how they spread and transferred is why I became interested in the realm of medical geography. My overall curiosity of health and spatial interactions grew to include concentrations on disease ecology and epidemiology. Along with attending numerous speeches and discussions about specific diseases...

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Let's get this started!


I finally have to get this site off the ground, so I’ll get started by getting my first post under my belt.

My primary focus, regarding this site, will be the use of R in terms of my upcoming projects and...

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